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Everyone has at one point or another in their life had something get into their eye.  Whether an eyelash or simply dust, blinking a few times will normally remove the debris and remedy the situation; however, when a foreign body, such as a piece of metal or wood, has become lodged, it is imperative that a trained eye doctor assess the severity of condition and remove the particle.

Do NOT Attempt to Remove Yourself

Whenever a foreign body has become lodged in your eye, you should NEVER try and remove it yourself.  In many instances, the foreign body could be embedded in the delicate tissues of the eye, and self-removal could cause serious injury or further damage to the eye and your vision.

At Stites Eye Care, we have performed literally thousands of foreign body removals, and trust us, we have removed just about anything that can get lodged in an eye.

In Need of Foreign Body Removal?

Contact us immediately at 616.866.2020 and Dr. Carl Stites will remove the foreign body and prescribe a treatment plan to minimize any further damage to your eye.